Tuesday, March 1, 2016


SURPRISE!  A big change happened the other day!  I guess I just had a late transfer day!

On saturday I was EMERGENCY TRANFERRED to a new area!  I had a stalker in my last area and some crazy things had happened this past week, so President received revelation that it was best if I was transferred to a new area, SO they send me to the furthest STL area, which is Antipolo!
Antipolo is up in the mountains, there are still some city parts, but there are so many trees, there is fresh air and the people here are really really nice.  President and Sister Revillo did not want to send me to another city area just to avoid those type of people and they know that I am safer here :) 

I really miss my companion Sister Consulta and I will miss working so closely with Sister Revillo because I love working with her, she is wonderful!  I will truly miss it, and also working in the office and doing all those things, but I guess the Lord needs me in a new place.  I also had a ticket to go to Mindoro for exchanges this transfer, but it looks like that will not be happening anymore haha.  I will keep the ticket though as a remembrance! 
As for my new companion, I love her!  Her name is Sister Liguayan, she is the sweetest!  She welcomed me with a big hug and had made a sign for me to welcome me to the area and to the apartment.  We have already had so much fun working the members and enjoying each others presence.  We had a one day mission where we were able to work with all the members and include them in the mission work.  We were able to visit so many less actives and invite them back to church!  The members here are wonderful!  Our ward was actually the top baptizing ward last year and we have a lot of baptisms coming up, the area is really progressing :0 
Here is a fun thing that I want to share as well :)
I ATE FISH EYES this week, haha it was so weird!  I didn't gag or throw up either!  I think my stomach is getting stronger here in the mission, hopefully when I get back I won't gag anymore when I eat sushi and I will grow to love it :) 
Well, that is the big news!!  Unexpected and exciting all at once!
Love you all so much, I hope you all have a wonderful week!  Thank you for all your continuous love, prayers, and support! 
Love, Sister Latham