Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Reaching 6 months! :)

Hello Everyone!
It has been a wonderful past few days in my first area. My companion, the members, investigators are just wonderful!  However, there is just one thing that I was not expecting...but we will get to that later! Hahaha

So, I told you all last week that I would be my companions first senior companion, well...that was wrong. I found out on the taxi ride to the apartment that she was still in training and that I would be continuing her training for the next 6 weeks.  So I guess I am now training! I was a bit shocked and nervous at first, but it has been going really well, and I love training :)  Sister Duque's first trainer was Sister Anderson, my friend here on the mission!  She just finished her mission!  

So, my area is all city, very different from my last area, but I still love it :)  One of our main areas is Cubao.  I know that Quezon City is really big so if you want to look up where I am, try searching Cubao.  The members here are so wonderful, our investigators are really progressing, and our less actives are beginning to become active again :)  Edna, one of our investigators, will be getting baptized on August 15th and then we have a few more coming up!  The hardest part is that we have investigators coming to church, but they are busy all the time with work, that it is hard to find time to teach.  But, the Lord has a way and we are going to help them progress towards getting baptized!  Then, one of the less actives is the Trinidad Family, and they are so sweet!  The dad has been a member since the 80's, but his wife became a member a few years ago.  The missionaries have been visiting them for a while but they would still never come to church.  But, my first lesson with them, they told us in the beginning that they would be coming to church this sunday, and they did!  It was so wonderful to see them walk into the chapel and see members faces light up as well when they saw that they had returned to church :)  I will continue to put in all my effort into this area and bring more unto Christ. I am grateful that Heavenly Father has assigned me to this area, ward, and to my companion to help us strengthen one another!
So, back to what I brought up in the beginning.  So before I went on my mission, I had ideas about what the mission would be like, how my apartment would be, the lifestyle, and when I was in my first apartment, I was shocked at how nice it was.  Then, knowing I was coming to the city, I was told that we would have even nicer apartments, and I have seen one house of the missionaries that is really nice that is close to our area.  So,  when I saw the apartment, it looked really nice, 2 stories, big bedrooms, couches, living room area.  Well, I was mistaken. haha  We have rats (I have seen 3 run across my room, cockroaches(they are everywhere and poop everywhere), bed bugs..., our toilet is not working well, and we have bucket showers...no real shower in this apartment.  So I experience this all for a day, and then I decided that we should text the ZL's and ask for permission to look for a new apartment.  So, on Sunday President and Sister Revillo came to our church and then went to the apartment, and they said that it was not safe and that they want us to start looking for a new apartment!! YAY, so now we are looking at some apartments, we are going to see the inside of two today so hopefully before next transfer we will be moved out and not have to deal with mice, rats, and cockroaches!  As for now, we will just keep working hard, and praying that we can make it another month or so in this apartment :) hahaha

Thank you family for all your support and everything these past 6 months!  It's crazy that I am 1/3 of the way done!  I reach my 6 months on tuesday, which is also Samantha's birthday!  Samantha, it is a day of celebration :) I love you so much family, I am so grateful to be serving in Quezon City now, it is wonderful! 

Love, Sister Latham

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