Thursday, September 10, 2015

Miracle Baptism : )

Hello Family, sorry I do not have a lot of time today, but I want to share an experience that has strengthened my testimony about the power and importance of the Holy Ghost. On Saturday I got to witness Marechel enter the waters of baptism. She is a miracle. I remember meeting her my first Sunday here in Quezon City. I asked Sister Duque about her and she said she had not yet taught her. I asked why and she began to explain the situation. Sister Marechel is deaf, can't read, speak and also does not know sign language. However, from just meeting her for the first time, I could see her desire and I told myself that we would figure out a way to teach her and a way for her to get baptized. I first did not know how, but I knew that there was a way. 
Through a lot of acting, pictures, and drawings, we were able to teach her the gospel principles simply and she was able to understand.  Throughout all of this, I learned a powerful lesson which is that we are not the teachers, but the Holy Ghost.  we probably did not explain the lessons the best, but we sure tried our hardest and worked with what we had considering the situation.  Through the power of the Holy Ghost, we were able to see conversion taking place.  The Holy Ghost testified so strongly about the truth to her and she was so in tune with the spirit, because that is ultimately all she could rely on.  What a strong testimony I have now obtained through this experience that Heavenly Father has given me.  I know that the Holy Ghost is real, that it testifies of truth, and that it is the real teacher.  We are nothing without the companionship of the Holy Ghost in our teaching and in our investigators learning.  I'm so grateful for that powerful lesson that Heavenly Father has taught me.  I know that no thing is impossible for the Lord and that He provides a way for all things to be accomplished IF we rely fully on Him and put our trust in Him.  Below I have attached a picture of sweet sweet Marechel who I have never seen happier and more filled with the light of Christ than at this sacred event of her baptism :)
Another big thing is happening next week, TRANSFERS! I can't believe that transfers is already here, the time is just flying by!  I also have my interview with President Revillo tomorrow and I am so excited for that!  So I will not email until Tuesday next week and I will let you know what is happening.  I think that I am most likely staying here, but as for my companion we still don't know!  

I love you so much family, thank you for all your love and support.  Also thank you to everyone back home, especially the Young Women from the stake.  I received all of the sweet sweet letters from them this week :)  Hopefully I will be able to go back to girls camp in the upcoming years and encourage those sisters to serve missions because it is the best thing ever :) Love you all, sending my love from the Philippines!
Love, Sister Latham

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