Sunday, February 15, 2015

Week 2 is accomplished and I'm alive!

Hello Family!  Magandang umaga po!(goodmorning!)  

Well this week was definitely something.  It sure had it's ups and downs but I am doing alright and loving being a missionary!  After I emailed you guys last week we got to go to the temple in the afternoon, which was AWESOME! The provo temple is so pretty inside and I needed the uplifting spirit that I felt there.  Two sisters in our district who are from an island in the Pacific were taking their endowments out since they were not able to go to a temple before they came so it was amazing to be there with them and be their family since their own family could not be there.  They are the sweetest and were filled with the spirit so much.  It was such a neat experience.  

On Sunday I had to attend a lot of meetings for being assigned the sister district leader, super tiring.  I kind of can connect to how you felt on Sundays as the bishop with all your meetings even though you had way more than me! haha  Sunday night we had devotional and I got to participate in the MTC choir, pretty amazing.  I would say that we almost sounded like the MoTab! haha  Elder Larry Y Wilson of the seventy spoke.  He emphasized the importance of the Book of Mormon and how we need to sit down and read it with our investigators.  I loved that because when reading it with them, it gives them the opportunity to ask questions and to make sure they are understanding it.  When teaching Angelo this week, he did no t follow through with his commitment to read a chapter a day so we sat down and actually read it with him.  He paid a lot of attention to what we were reading and was able to answer the questions that we asked him concerning the reading.  I also ran into Christa Lahmann and Kelsi on sunday, so great to see some familiar faces!  As I said earlier, this week had it's ups and downs.   

The only struggle I am dealing with is the language..IT IS SO HARD!  People keep telling me it will get better and one day it will click so I am just waiting for that day!  I am also exhausted.  It is always go go go so by 3 o clock I am dead and when we have night classes I am awake, but my brain is not.  I get up during class sometimes and just run around the building, seems to help a bit.  From dealing with all the stress of the language, one of our teachers, Sister Riddle who is amazing and I love her, met individually with each of us and when I talked to her about my experience, I just cried and told her that I want to know the language so badly and I do not have any patience with myself.  She told me that I reminded her so much of how she was on her mission and that I don't need to worry because the language would come.  She told me the best thing to do would be to be myself and speak by the spirit.  She has taken on the role of a mother/sister to me and I love her so much.  She told us yesterday that she will be leaving in a few weeks because she got a career job, so so so sad :(  I will miss her so much but she said she added me on facebook so Nicole will you make sure to add her?  Thanks!  

We taught 3 lessons this week and they went pretty well! Angelo agreed to get baptized and is feeling the spirit when he reads.  He believes that the Book of Mormon is true and he wants that in his life.  We were planning for his lesson that was supposed to be tonight, until yesterday when we walked into class Angelo was there and we found out he has now become our teacher and we will be getting a new investigator on Monday.  Our new investigator is our other teacher Sister Brock who is the sweetest girl ever.  My companion and I are excited to prepare a lesson for her and teach her. 

I was asked to speak this Sunday with another girl in my District, Sister Weston.  Everybody thinks we are related! haha I will include a pic of me and her.  I have also made a personal goal to read the Book of Mormon in 2-3 weeks so build up my own personal testimony.    I am loving being a missionary and although it is already the hardest thing I have ever done, I know it is the best thing I will ever do.  Tell everyone Hello and that I love them!  Happy Valentines day!

Quote: "The work is more about who you are and what you are, rather than what you say."

Scripture: D&C 4:5 "And faith, hope, charity, and love with an eye single to the glory of God, qualify him for the work."

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