Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Final P-day at the MTC

Hello Family!!  

It's been a great week at the MTC!  I am going to miss all the amazing people but at the same time I am so ready to go out and teach the people in the Philippines!  5 days till I leave :)  We start packing today which will be way weird...I will be sending just a few things home probably on Tuesday so be expecting that!  

Thanks Noelle and Wes for the Easter package, I loved it!  and the sisters on my floor loved it as well since you sent so much candy I had to share :)  The bunny ears were the best!

I've been meaning to put this on my weekly emails but I keep forgetting! Here's a little fun fact about Tagalog-I found out that the minions in Despicable Me speak a lot of Tagalog!  Plus, there is a new movie coming out only about the Minions so I can't wait to come home and watch that!  Also I've heard Jaba the Hut also speaks Tagalog!  

Okay, so what happened this week...the week just flies by!  K so on Sundays there is always a topic given and they randomly call 2 speakers up without any heads up so we all prepare a little talk before hand.  I thought that there was no way I was going to get picked because I had already given a talk a few weeks ago in the Staff sacrament meeting...but of course I was picked!  I was actually excited though to speak because it was about the Atonement and I love talking about the atonement because it has helped me so much in my life, especially here at the MTC.  I shared the scripture Moroni 7:41 which says "And what is it that ye shall hope for?  Behold I say unto you that ye shall have hope through the atonement of Christ and the power of his resurrection, to be raised unto life eternal, and this because of your faith in him according to the promise."  I LOVE THIS SCRIPTURE!  Jesus Christ and His atonement are central to this gospel!  I went on to talk about how we have so much we hope for as missionaries whether that be we hope for comfort, or we hope for help with the language.  We hope that the message we share will touch the lives of the people we teach.  We hope for others to come unto Christ.  We hope that we will be successful missionaries.  All of these things we hope for can happen if we have faith in Jesus Christ and His atonement.  Christ knows each of us personally and took upon him our sins, trials, and infirmities INDIVIDUALLY.  Christ knows exactly what we are going through and is there to "lift our burdens".  What a sweet promise that is.    

This week I also finished the Book of Mormon.  I had set a goal a few weeks ago to finish it before I left, and I did!  It was such a neat experience.  My testimony has grown even more after reading it and I know that it is true.  I have no doubt in my mind.  So excited to go and teach people about how much joy and happiness this gospel will bring them!  

So, Quentin L Cook came and spoke on Tuesday!  It was awesome!  I have a whole page or two from his talk but I am just going to give my favorite quote that he said.  He said "The Lord is pleased with who you are and as long as you do YOUR best, he will accept your work."  I love that because there are others who are catching on the language better or whatever it may be, but I am working as hard as I can, and I can see the Lord blessing my life because of it!  Elder Cook also brought up the Philippines like three times so that was awesome!!  The devotional was being broadcasted to a few of the MTC's including the Philippines :)  The language is coming really well!  I've got the 1st vision down in Tagalog and I talk to quite a few Filipino sisters on our residence floor and they said that the people are going to love when I talk cause it's so sweet and I'm white hahahaha

This week I got to host new missionaries!  It was so much fun!  I almost started crying a few times with the sisters who I was taking when they were saying goodbye to their families, but I held it in.  The first sister I took was from Hawaii and she came with her seminary teacher and these
other two sisters who were the missionaries that had converted her to the gospel a few years ago in Hawaii!  Talk about a way neat experience to be sending off one of your converts on their mission!  It's amazing!  
Yesterday we had infield orientation-it was so long but way good!  Learned how to work with members and how to find people to teach.  All the stuff that we don't cover in language class we were taught there.  I met two sisters who are headed to the Roseville California mission on monday!! They are the sweetest, I am so excited  for them!  There names are Sister Cichos and Sister Myers!  I told them about you and what ward we are in and also about Brother and Sister Alston.  Here is a picture of them!  Well Fam, next time I talk to you over email I will be in the Philippines!  I love you all so much and will give you a call at the airport!  Mahal ko kayo :)  
How great it my calling as a missionary :)

-Sister Latham

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