Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Spiritually Uplifted

One more week down! It feels like forever...I'm waiting for that time to hit when they say it goes by fast hahaha With all the changes I have experience, it has been hard, not going to lie, but I'm pushing through it and trying to love every single minute!

The hardest part this week was having to drop people, people not progressing, and people not coming to church(so common for everyone here).  I have had to keep telling myself that I am doing all that I can to bring others unto Christ and the rest is up to them.  We were given free agency to use and as for some people we are teaching, it is just not their time right now.  I know that God has a time for everyone and we might just be planting the seeds in our area for someone to harvest later on.  We did though have two investigators at church which is awesome, and they really enjoyed it.  We watched conference this week and let me say, that was a spiritual boost that was really needed.  I'm so grateful for the words of the prophets that help us in all aspects of our lives.  As Brent H Nielson talked about having people close to you that choose to not accept the gospel, I could only think of the people here who are choosing to not accept our message.  I simply need to love them, pray for them, and again know that God has specific timing for them.

I also loved the Prophets talk about temples!  It  is so true that the church is growing.  It is such a blessing to be a part of this great work, especially here in the Philippines, and to have the opportunity to take investigators to the temple since it is in our mission.  I have not yet had the opportunity to do that, but I hope I do one day.  I'm so grateful for the peace, comfort, hope, and reassurance we can receive at the temple.  I wish I could go every single day.  We need to not take what God has given us for granted.  That was also said in another talk.  My other favorite talk was by David A. Bednar who spoke about fear.  He said, "If you fear, rely on the Lord and he will hush our fears."  I have experienced that so much on the mission here.  There are so many things here that are so out of my comfort zone, but through relying on Christ he has comforted me and been by my side the whole way.  I know that if I look to Christ, He will not let me fall and will be holding me up when I can not do so on my own.  I'm already excited for next general conference to receive more inspiring words from our leaders!  

As for some other things, I did not think it could get hotter here, but let me just tell you it keeps getting hotter and hotter!!  And it is going to continue...I'm excited for it to start raining haha I probably have about two more months of this heat and then we get to the rainy season.  

What else...oh we got our water bill for the month...$3 and electricity bill $10 and donuts are $0.04.  It is so awesome!!! 

I love it here, love the people, love this work, and I love my Savior, Jesus Christ!

Love you all,
Sister Latham  

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