Thursday, April 2, 2015

Tay Tay Philippines and I'm loving every second!

Hey Fam, this past week and a half has been so crazy with a new area, new companion, sweating more than I have ever sweat before, and working harder than I ever have in my life!  I love it, there are hard times, but I am pushing through it!  There are so many things I want to write about but I will try and keep it short!

I have been assigned to TayTay 1st ward, it is so gorgeous when you get away from the main roads!  I have to cover my face on the main roads because there is so much smog and it's just gross and I don't really like breathing that in hahaha  

My companion is Sister Faasavalu, she is from Hawaii and is absolutely amazing, I love her!  She has been here for about 14 months and I pray that she will stay with me throughout all my 12 weeks training!

Our house is pretty nice, it's just my companion and I that live there but two other sisters live in the next apartment.  There are ants everywhere and some cockroaches that we have had to end up killing.  I killed one in the MTC which was fun, there is a video on the Dropbox website that I will send the link.  

The food here is really good!  I love the Lumpia, it is my favorite.  The ward missionaries in our ward are almost all teenagers and they got me to eat balut on my first day out i!!  Thought I was going to throw up a few times but I got it down :)  THE MANGOS AND BANANAS HERE ARE TO DIE FOR!!!  I cannot wait to bring you guys back here to eat all the yummy food.  It is delicious!  

The work here is really progressing, we have had I think about 8 people set a baptism date which is awesome and we are so excited!  The hardest part is not knowing the language and wanting to talk to them so badly, but the language is starting to come and I can kind of follow the conversation now.  The problem in this area though is that so many people will agree to baptism but then won't go to church...kind of a big problem haha  They are really strong catholics and this week is holy week so that's also another problem we have run into, but people are still willing to talk to us especially when they see my bright red face and want to take me in and offer me water.  Haha

I can't even begin to tell you how many stares I get a day, how many little kids come up to me to touch my skin and how many guys say "Hello beautiful.." That part is a little creepy, but the rest is great! The kids are the cutest, they always call me Elsa and point at their Elsa shirts!  I love them.  
Bishop's family has really taken Sister Faasavalu and I into their family.  Two of their kids always come out and teach with us and they feed us as well.  Dad, bishop really reminds me of you-sarcastic, loving, and funny!  And the mom is always taking care of us and goes shopping with us.  The stuff here is so cheap, dresses for $4! In the pic at the temple I am wearing a new dress I got.  It's nice to have the grocery store and things around here, but also have the gorgeous areas that are green with lots of mango trees and coconut trees, best of both worlds :)
The people here are just the best! Humble, happy, caring, loving, and very family oriented.  I see how little these people have and how happy they are.  I'm excited to be able to serve these people for the next 16 months :)  I know it will be the hardest thing I have ever done, but the most rewarding.  Tell everyone I love them back home and feel of their love, prayers, and support.  Also, sorry to everyone who I could not email back, when I logged on I had 45 emails....I love you all!!

love from the Philippines, Sister Latham

Remember: CTR-Choose the Rice, Cook the Rice :)

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