Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Everything is going to be OKKAAYYYY

Hello Family!  This week went by so fast!  I'm probably going to start off every weekly letter with that haha the days feel like weeks and the weeks feel like days!  I didn't believe it when friends on missions told me that, but it is so true! 

Well, this week was awesome!  We are teaching so many people, we have about 20-25 investigators, so we are constantly busy!  We have a baptism this week and we are so excited!  She is a referral from a member in the ward, and she has been such an amazing investigator.  So willing, wanting to learn more, and has been spiritually prepared by the Lord.  It will be my first baptism out here in the field and it will be my exact one month out in the field.  What an amazing way to celebrate by seeing someone enter the waters of baptism and make a covenant with the Lord.  Truly amazing.  I have  quick story to tell you.  So we went to her friends house who referred her because that is where we teach all the lessons to her.  When we looked at the member, Remi, we thought she looked like she was pregnant.  So we asked her, which I guess is not something rude to do here, and she said "no, I am not haha" (except it was in Tagalog) haha and then she went on to say that she thought she was but she went to the doctor or some fortune teller of some sort and they told her that she was not and perhaps a black witch cast a spell on her. It's more crazy here in the Philippines hahaha So after talking to her about it for a bit, she let us feel her stomach and let me just say, it was not a black witch spell, I was sure that she was pregnant.  She wasn't huge or anything, but there was a noticeable bump.  Anyways, we left it alone and went on to the lesson.  SO, we go over the next day to teach a lesson again and when we walk in...there was a BABY laying next to Remi! She had given birth that morning!  and oh boy was it tiny, they were thinking about 6-7 months along.  I could not believe it....I told her "I told you so!" haha  It is the cutest baby, and they both are doing well and happy.  Crazy story though!

So what else this week?  We had trainee/training meeting and that just changed my whole outlook on everything.  First off, I got to see my sisters from Provo MTC, and that was such a joyous reunion!  We cried, laughed, and were so happy to see each other, and we also realized that the hard times we were going through were what everyone was also going through.  So, it was nice to know that I was normal :)  haha Anyways, President Revillo gave a great talk to us about fear, overcoming trials, and to push through it and the ways to do it.  My favorite scripture he shared which is in Mosiah 23 is "They hushed their own fear because of their faith and the knowledge that the Lord would deliver them."  What I got from that was that it was not God who hushed their fears, but it was the knowledge and the faith that they had that helped them overcome those fears.  Another thing that really touched my heart was he asked "Could the Lord do this work without you?"  The answer is a clear YES!  God is powerful and if he could bring others unto Christ without out...BUT, he wants us to experience this because He loves us and has things in store that He wants to bless us with.  I'm not 100% sure of all those things that God has in store for me, I know some of them will be trials, tribulations, challenges, failures, heart aches, but I also know that there will be so much joy, happiness, success, and during the next 15 months of my mission the Lord is going to refine me into the person that he wants me to be.  I am learning to become grateful for the challenges that the Lord has placed in my path, because I know they are for my benefit in one way or another.  I left that meeting with a new outlook, and it  changed my whole entire week and I know that it will continue throughout my whole mission!  

Lastly, we had a miracle yesterday at church.  FOUR investigators came to church and they are golden :)  We barely ever have 1, so with four we are able to see the progress that is happening in this area, and seeing that God is placing people in our path who are prepared to learn the gospel.  I know that this gospel is true and I can see it changing lives every single day!  This work is amazing, and my calling is great!  Love you all so much!  

Few fun facts and events this week:  they have skin whitening lotion here...never heard of that.
 I had my first salad this week, Bishops wife made it! and I have a drink here called Zagu and it is amazing.  I have one every single day, mango flavor of course!  And...it continues to get hotter every single day!  Only about a month or 2 left of summer and I am so excited for rainy season to be here! haha

Fam-have so much fun in Florida, I wish I could be there with you, but I know this is where I need to be.  Love you all, take tons of pictures, and don't forget my harry potter wand :)  Love love love you!

Love, Sister Latham

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