Tuesday, May 5, 2015

ONE month, ONE baptism, ONE purpose

Hello Family! As of yesterday I have been in the field for one month!  So crazy! I can't tell if it has gone by fast or slow yet. haha the days are forever but before I know it, it is already P-day!  Well, we had a very fun week this week! Let me tell you about it :)

First off, we had our first baptism this week!  Cecil Coronel, sweetest lady and a member from our ward introduced the gospel to her.  She was so excited for her baptism and her smile showed it :)  She has the sweetest spirit and the light of Christ shines in her.  When I saw her come up out of the water my heart was filled with joy.  There is nothing better to see than that.  To see someone accept the gospel and to make a sacred covenant with their Heavenly Father is the best thing.  It was also amazing missionary experience because all of her kids came and they want to be taught the gospel and be baptized, and also two of our investigators came to the baptism.  One of them, Lawrence, will be getting baptized this upcoming week and he is so excited! The work is truly progressing and we are seeing miracles every single day.

 This week we also had zone conference.  It was again great to hear from President Revillo and his wife.  I always leave a meeting that he speaks at with such peace, comfort, and reassurance that I can do this!  One thing that he talked about was truly being a consecrated missionary.  To leave everything behind.  It says in Luke 18:28 "Lo, we have left all, and followed thee."    I physically have left everything behind at home...my family, friends, education, culture, but I have not yet let everything emotionally behind and that is something that I am going to start working on, to become a fully consecrated missionary.  I know that it is going to take some time but I know that through prayer and relying on the power of the atonement of Jesus Christ I can do it.  We talked about what was the driving, motivating force to become a consecrated missionary.  The answer is the Savior and His atonement.  If we truly understand the Atonement of Jesus Christ, we will be willing to leave everything behind to bring others unto Christ, to partake of the saving power of the Atonement, and to come closer to Christ.  My goal for this week is to study the Atonement really thoroughly to help me become a fully consecrated missionary.  

That night, I also got to go out on splits with Sister Anderson, Jordan Lee's cousin that I had talked to before my mission.  She is the sweetest thing ever and we had so much fun going out and talking with people.  She only has about two months left so I'm so grateful I got to go out and work with her.  Also that night we stayed at their apartment because we had to go to the hospital the next morning for Sister Faasavalu. Sister Weston from the Provo MTC also lives at their apartment so it was fun to be with her for a while as well.  The next day we spent most of the day at the hospital cause the wait was forever, but after there was a restaurant across the street that was like Pluto's where you pick your own toppings for a salad! I was so excited!  I miss salads so much and I was so grateful to have a delicious salad :)  A little taste of home!  Also Bishop bought me California milk!  I could not believe that they had that here, and it was delicious of course!  I cherish those times that I get to have some food that I would eat back at home!  The food here is delicious too though, and I'm getting used to eating rice all the time, and it actually tasted delicious now!  I got tired of it for a little bit of time.

What else,  we also participated in National Service Day, or Mormon Helping Hands and that was way fun!  We helped clean up a school and then we went to lunch after :)

Thanks for the Easter package family!  I love the food and the headbands are adorable!  I was so excited to receive it, but I was not aware that it would be that expensive to send a package!  So expensive!  You don't have to send me anymore packages haha if anything I'll just go out and buy stuff here cause it will be way cheaper haha but thank you for the package anyways, I loved it!  

I also experienced my first rain storm and it was awesome!  I wanted to just go out and jump in it without an umbrella, but we had to work so that was not allowed! haha but it made me excited for the rainy season!

Lastly, family I hope you have a blast in Florida!  Wish I could be there with you, but that just means we have to go again when I get back! haha Dad, what an awesome experience to be able to go back to where you served and see people again that you met there.  Have a blast in Harry Potter world and soak it all in, it's amazing! Love you all so much!

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