Thursday, December 3, 2015

Trust Him

Hello Family!

It's been wonderful to hear from all of you today!  So not that much has happened this week, but I will share a little :)

I had my interview with President this week, and it was wonderful to talk to him! We mainly talked about the ward, our investigators and things that we can do to help the work progress and hasten the work of salvation in the the area that I am serving.  My favorite part of the interview though was at the end where President asked me, "so, you are now half way, how has your relationship grown with the Savior?"  I know that he asked that question last because despite the numbers, how the area is doing, or anything else that is going here on the mission, the most important thing is our personal conversion that is taking place here in the mission, and our personal connection with the savior.  I thought that I was going to burst into tears haha, I had a lot that I could say to him about how much my relationship with the Savior has grown, but to keep things short, I just said that I could not describe to him of how close I feel to the Savior and how my relationship with Him has never been so strong in my entire life.  I will never regret my decision to serve the Lord and His children for 18 months, because i know that my decision has forever changed my life, and I will continue to see the effects and blessings of this mission throughout all eternitiy.
About our investigators, we have about 2 progressing investigators.  One of them is Verhel, he has come to church 3 times and will have his baptism interview this upcoming week.  The other is Rhona, she is wonderful.  She loves reading the Book of Mormon, we are just continuing to help her in building her faith :)

Tomorrow, we have an apostle visit from Elder Neil L. Anderson and Elder Renlund!  I'm so excited to hear from them.  I'm ready to take what they say, and apply it to myself.  I look forward to sharing with you all next week what they will share :)  I'm also singing in the special music number tomorrow when they come :)

I love you so much family, and hopefully I have more stories to share with you next week!! mahal na mahal ko kayo lahat!
Love, Sister Latham   

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