Wednesday, August 17, 2016

2nd to LAST EMAIL!

Hello Fam, well I'm back from Mindoro! I'm excited to be back in my area, but I also really miss the beach and fresh air!  When we flew back today into the Manila airport, I saw the part of the airport that I entered into 17 months ago and then I thought to myself.."I will be back here in 16 days"  It is so crazy! 
Well this past week we had a really fun time in Mindoro, and it was really really fun to work with all the sisters :)  We also had a great zone conference there with playing games, eating lots of food, and just laughing :)  It was also really cool because here in the mainland they use taglish, but in Mindoro it is pure tagalog, there is no english, so I loved it!  And I got to hear President and Sister Revillo speak pure tagalog and I was just smiling because in our mission we speak english in all meetings.  I love this language so much, I will need to find some filipino friends when I get home!  I'm sure I will be able to use it quite a bit.

Elder Pagaduan( a member of the 70) was the visitor at the mindoro conference and he is really nice!  We also flew home with him this morning and got to talk to him a bit.  I really loved the messages that he shared at the conference.  He said something I really loved.  He said that none of us will become perfect in this life.  Nobody can say "I am perfect"  but we can say "I am perfect in trying to become perfect."  I know that that is what Heavenly Father really wants to see us doing while we are here on earth.  Everyday we should be doing everything we can to try to become perfect like Jesus Christ was. 
Well, I only have one more weekly email to you all...I can't believe I am saying that.  I also know that it is going to go by so fast.  President and Sister Revillo finish their mission this week, I'm grateful that tomorrow we will spend the whole day with them.  All of the missionaries who go home on July 13th have an interview with them and we will be having activities and eating lots of food haha I look forward to my interview with President tomorrow
Next Monday I will also be emailing you from TayTay! I get to go visit all my areas next monday :)  So many things to do and not enough time!  Our investigators are also getting married tomorrowand they are planned to be baptized the saturday before I come home. What a blessing Heavenly Father is giving me to see them be baptized :) 
I love you all so so much! Have a wonderful week!!!
Love, Sister Latham

Elder Tano :)

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