Wednesday, August 17, 2016

I'm in the great island of MINDORO!

Greetings from the beautiful island of Mindoro! First of all, Happy Fathers Day Dad, I wish that I could be there, but it looks like we will have to re-celebrate fathers day in 3 weeks when I get back :) Thanks for being such a wonderful father to me, I hope that I can find someone who will be a wonderful father like you...but I will think about that when I get home haha

So, we got picked up this morning around 3:30am and our flight was this morning around 6.  The flight was only 30 minutes, so quick, but it was fun to go to an airport and be in an airplane again!  I also couldn't help but think that I would again be going to the airport in about 3 weeks with all of my luggage heading towards CALIFORNIA!  Time is flying so so fast, and we only have a little bit of time left to work in our area because we are so busy, so that will make the time go even faster!

Later on this afternoon, Sister Bairulla and I will go to the beach and just relax and read the scriptures, I am excited for that! It is really nice to see the beach after 17 months!  The air is so fresh here, and there are not a lot of people so it is very different than Quezon City.  

Last week we were really busy, one day we spent a lot of time at the City Hall, because our investigators, Richard and Cherry, need to get married before they get baptized, and we went straight to the Mayor and he is processing all of their papers for free and is going to perform their wedding for free as well!  Had we not gone to city hall, I don't know how long it would have taken them to get married and then get baptized, so Heavenly Father really gave us a miracle and they will get married next week :)    Cherry's father, Albert and his wife and daughter are also ready to get baptized, but we have to wait to get approval from the prophet for him to be baptized.  We don't know how long it will take or if he will get baptized on his set date for July 9th, but the most important thing is that he will get baptized.  He said something the other day that really showed how converted he is to the Lord and His church.  He said, "Even if I have to wait 30 years to get baptized, I will come to church every Sunday, but hopefully my baptism can be soon because I really want to be baptized. I want to become a member of this true church."  Him and his family are so amazing!

Another fun thing happened, when we arrived at church on Sunday, I saw some people getting out of their car and I noticed that it was Bishop and Sister Dasalla with Angel, Kiray and Nicole (recent convert)!  They came from TayTay to visit me! I miss them so so much! I will be going back to TayTay on July 4th and will be having a Family Home Evening with them, so exciting!

Well, I look forward to this week that I have here in Mindoro and I will send you pictures next week :)  It's crazy to think that when I email you next week I will only have about 2 more weeks here...I can't believe it, but I'm so excited to see you all!! Love you all so so much!

Love, Sister Latham

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