Thursday, February 25, 2016


Hello everyone!  Well I will just quickly get over telling you how my Valentines day was, I THREW UP about 6 times, my face broke broke out in reaction to a skin thing that I used, and I had NO CHOCOLATE at all!  BUT, we did have a lot of less active families at church and investigators, so overall, it was a great day :) 
I'm feeling better this morning though, I don't feel sick at all, and my skin got back to normal, so that is wonderful!!
This past week has been really busy and we barely got to work in our area, but we continue to see the Lord blessing our area even when we don't get to work in it that often.  I was able to work with Sister Viray and Sister Ah Fua this week :)  Sister Ah Fua is a new missionary this transfer and we just had the best day!  Although the language is hard, she keeps moving forward and continues to humble herself and rely on the Lord's help! 
This week we also had Missionary Leadership Council where we discussed about the things going on the mission and with the missionaries.  After we had a fun activity where we went out into the areas near the chapel and went finding for an hour and a half and then we ate pizza! Usually they go bowling for the activity, but they wanted to make it missionary related so we went finding and it was really fun :) 
This week we were only able to teach Dino, the part member, one time because he is really busy.  He continues to keep his commitments though and we are really praying that he will continue to push forward and keep going on this journey:)  We also were able to teach Rhea and Zaldy, they are both less active.  Brother had work on Sunday, so he said that he would not be able to make it to church, and sister said she is too shy to come to church.  Zaldy really has the desire though to come back to church and said he would talk to his boss for the next Sunday to see if he could get off.  As he walked us to the gate he said something really powerful that showed his desire to come back.  He said  in Tagalog that he is repenting of all the things that he has done in the past because he wants to return back to church and honor the priesthood that he has.  AND THEN...Sunday comes, Sister Consulta and I are sitting down, I look behind me, and I see BOTH of them walk in!!  Zaldy had decided to do a half day and his boss let him, we reminded him that if our desire is there, there is always a way :)
Now, we are heading into the last week of the transfer which means, that I will email next Tuesday :)  I love you all so much, thanks for the support and prayers!!  I will email you all next week!
Love, Sister Latham
Spiritual Scripture from my Personal Study this morning:
 John 8:29 "And he that sent me is with me: the Father hath not left me alone; for I do always those things that please him."

This is the upside down house that I mentioned in my email last week :)  And if you couldn't tell in the picture above, the Americans are the only ones doing the hand on the hip hahaha

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