Sunday, April 3, 2016

Happy Easter!

First off, Happy Easter to you all!  What a great time of the year for us to celebrate the resurrection of Jesus Christ :)  Because He lived again, we will too :)  What a great message!
This week we have been able to really share this message to the people here by sharing the video "Hallelujah" which is found on  If you have not yet watched it, please go and watch it.  And if you want to just for fun to hear it in Tagalog, you can switch it to the Tagalog language.  It is such a beautiful language :)  You won't understand it, but it might be fun for you to hear!
This past weekend we also had baptisms in our area!  We were supposed to have 4, but one of the baptisms was invalid because they did not say the name right because it was copied wrong.  But she will be baptized in the upcoming weeks!  The baptism was great though, the spirit was so strong and the mothers and daughters who were baptized just glowed with the light of Christ :)  We also had a district baptism so two other people from the other ward were baptized as well!  It is so happy and exciting!

We also continue to have a lot of investigators attending church which is wonderful, but the hardest is finding time to teach them because they have school or work, or they only come home on Sunday and then they leave and go back to work.  Hopefully in these next few weeks we will be able to begin teaching them and preparing them for baptism as well :)  
The Estrabela family is one our focuses, they went to the ward activity this past week at a swimming resort and they had so much fun, but we were not able to go :(  They got to meet a lot of members and become friends with them, but they did not come to church yesterday, so hopefully we will be able to meet with them soon.  We struggle finding time when they are all together as a family, because they are so busy, but they are a wonderful family, I love them so much, and they are searching for truth :)
What an exciting time coming up that we get to hear from our living prophet and apostles soon!  I think general conference is this upcoming week, but we won't watch it for 2 more weeks.  I am so so excited!!  It is a great time to receive guidance from our leaders and to receive personal revelation!  I hope you all enjoy it.  Well, I love you all so much, thank you for all your love, support, and prayers! I am so blessed to have you all in my life. 
Love, Sister Latham

This is our one day mission that we had with the ward yesterday! We all went out and shared the gospel and visited those members who have fallen away just a little.  It was a wonderful experience and as you can see, this ward is awesome!! 

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