Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Hanging in there :)

Hello Family!  Hope you all had a wonderful past few days!  There is not a lot to put in the email because not a lot has happened since I emailed you.  One day we spent inside the apartment, due to my sickness.  We don't really know what my sickness is yet, but the local doctor prescribed me some medicine and now I just feel really out of it.  Really low on energy, tired, and not myself.  Hopefully the medicine will help and I can get back to normal really soon.

This week we also lost our top 3 investigators, which was completely devastating news.  Two of them are just choosing to not accept the gospel.  They have had a lot of outside people say things to them about our religion that are not true, but they are choosing to follow them.  They were so golden, so it is sad to see that that is how they are choosing to use their agency.  I know that right now it just might not be their time.  We have a lot of work now this upcoming two weeks before transfers to increase our pool of people and really find those that Heavenly Father has prepared to accept the gospel at this moment and time.  It's going to take a lot of faith and I know that miracles come by faith :)

One really cool experience this week though was that Jorem, one of the recent converts, blessed the sacrament yesterday and then worked with us!  He is so great, and I have seen him open so much more!  Hopefully, he will continue to work with us and see the joy that comes from mission work!  

Well, tomorrow we have zone conference and I'm really excited about that!  My heart and mind are ready to learn!  I will keep you all updated on everthing! I love you all so much!
-SIster Latham

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