Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Rainy Season is finally here!

Hello Family!
First off, Dad, Happy Father's Day! I am so incredibly blessed to have you in my life and for the love and support that you have given me and all of us girls in our lives. I will forever be grateful to have you as my dad and best friend. I wish I could skype you on this day, but I just want to let you know that I love you more than I can even describe :)

Well, I have wonderful news family!  RAINY SEASON IS HERE! and I could not be more excited! The heat has died down a little bit, at least to the point where I feel like I am not going to die, and it rains at least once a day! 

The other day we had a huge rainstorm and the water was about up to midcalf and we were walking in the middle of the street.  The one thing that sucks about that though, is that all the BIG frogs come out in the rain.  And it's not just one of two, I could see about 10 in the direction that I was heading! At one point, I was in the middle of stepping around one and it started jumping around my feet so of course...I screamed and my feet were moving uncontrollable! hahaha All of these Filipino people could not stop laughing at me and Sister Pakalani just laughed at me too.  These frogs are not just little frogs...They are bull frogs..HUGE!  Anyways, the rain was fun and it was cold too so I enjoyed it despite all the frogs.  It's gross though because all the kids are rolling in the streets and there is so much poop from all the dogs...and people...on the streets hahaha These people here are crazy, but I love them!! 

As for my new companion, Sister Pakalani, she is really really sweet, and we have grown to have a lot of fun in the work and making it an enjoyable experience.  We were able to go to a wedding reception for a member in our ward and we enjoyed the food..and the music...haha We are not able to sing those songs but we listened to it and that was good enough haha They also have a different tradition here.  People don't really bring gifts for weddings, but instead during the first dance, people just go up and pin money to the bride and groom!  Sometimes they make sashes out of the money that they have and then they pin it to the veil or the dress.  When I first saw people going up to do that I was thinking "What the heck are they doing?!" But, I guess that is just tradition here :)  
Another fun thing that we did this week was we were teaching a recent convert and I guess that there are falls near her house that we never knew existed so she took us there! The walk there was so gorgeous and green, and then the waterfall was gorgeous too! We definitely had fun, our shoes were so so so muddy, but it was so worth it to go and see the waterfall! 
As for our investigators, they are all really progressing! We have a baptism coming up this next Saturday, Jorem, and then another the next week, Violeta!  Heavenly Father has truly blessed this area so much and I'm so blessed to have been able to meet these wonderful people that Heavenly Father has placed in our path.  

Well Family, I love you all so much, I am so blessed!  I will continue to pray for all your health and strength :) Thank you for everything!

Love, Sister Latham


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