Tuesday, July 7, 2015


Hello family!! Seriously this week has been something! I think I've felt all emotions in just one week!
To start off with the bad part, Sister Makaneole and I were a bit sick this week, I spent about a day throwing up which was no fun at all!  We got permission to stay in for the day which was nice to let our bodies try and heal that way when we go out we really give it our all!  Even though we were sick we went out for a little while and we ended up finding two new investigators!  Small little miracles like that are the best!  I'm feeling better now though, I wake up with a stuffy nose every morning but that is about it, so no need to worry!

This week was also transfers.  Sister Makaneole and I were so not excited for transfers because we do not want to get split up, especially with our area really progressing right now.  We both though had the feeling that something was going to happen.  Everybody kept saying that they thought I was going to transfer which got me really nervous because I love this area so much and I do not want to leave.  I started giving out papers to members to write a letter to put in my book of rememberance, taking pictures, and in Missionary Coordination Meeting on Sunday they even had me bear my testimony! haha I got so sad because I don't want to leave.  However,on  sunday night, Sister Makaneole got the call from President Revillo that she has been called as an STL. She definitely had mixed emotions about it, we kept just saying how much we would miss each other :(  But, she is the STL that does exchanged with my area so I will get to go on exchanges with her next transfer which will be so exciting.  This also meant that I would be most likely staying in the area, which I am! I got a call this morning that I would be staying and my new companion is Sister Pakalani, from New Zealand!  I also found out that Sister Pectol, my companion from the Provo MTC, is coming to TayTay and will be my neighbor so I am also really excited about that!  Our new transfer starts tomorrow and I'm sure it is going to be a great transfer!
This week we were also able to go on a temple tour with our investigators and recent converts!  We rented a jeepney and all headed to the temple, it was a very squished ride! haha Their eyes were so big and their jaws dropped when they saw the temple!  It was the best thing to see!  I've attached a picture of Brother Cornelio who was baptized just a week or two ago.  He has been so excited to go to the temple; he even picked out an outfit two days before the trip! He is so funny! We also got to do a tour around the MTC with them so that some of our recent converts who want to serve missions could see what it was like!  Sister Racel, she is 13 years old was so excited after we left and really wants to serve a mission now!  She is just amazing!  Also, I got to see President Trask at the MTC and it was so great to talk to him again.  And he did something that just made my day...Catherine Hansen is at the Philippines MTC right now so he called her down and I got to see her! It was so weird to see a familiar face from back home when I am halfway across the world!  We were able to chat for a little bit, take some pictures, and share some advice.  I remember my first week in the MTC and I know how difficult it is, so I pray that I was able to boost her spirit a little bit and most importantly just give her the assurance that she can do it!! 

This week has been amazing with a lot of member referrals and finding those who are really ready to accept the gospel!  We taught this investigator, her name is Violeta, and I asked her in the lesson if she had prayed about our message and then Sister Makaneole asked her why she wanted to be baptized.  Her response touched my heart- she said that she had prayed and knew that this was the path that Heavenly Father wanted her to take. She knows that the church is true and she sees the joy and happiness that it can bring into her life.  She will be getting baptized in about 3 weeks :)  There also is an investigator, whose sister is a member, and we met with him this week.  We started off the lesson with asking why he wanted to meet with the missionaries.  His answer was simple, but so true.  He said that he wanted to find truth in his life and he knew that through this he would find it.  

One more story about our recent convert, Brother Cornelio.  We were asking him about how his prayers are and he responded with I pray every day for a longer life so I have more time to share the gospel here on earth.  My heart was just filled with the spirit.  He has truly converted.  He loves the gospel, he knows it is true and he knows that it saves souls!  He is such an inspiring man!  He is already sharing the gospel with his friends and family and standing as a witness of Jesus Christ.  I'm so grateful that I have been able to see him along this journey that he has gone through and seeing him come closer unto Christ :)

Thank you family for all of your love, prayers, and support!  I am so blessed to have you all supporting me in this and being by my side through it all! Love you all
                                                                                                            -Sister Latham

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