Thursday, October 1, 2015

Good news about the Apartment :))))

Hello everyone!  Another week has passed!  It's been a crazy week!  Every night when I got home this week, I was completely exhausted.  I think part of it might be because of the drastic changes in the weather, and we worked our tails off this week.

A hard thing though this week was Sister Tropia got blisters all over her feet, because she was wearing new shoes, and we walked like crazy, and her shoes are not really made for the weather here.  I felt so bad for her, but we went home one night, released all the pus and liquid from her blisters, and then I let her borrow my crocs, and since then she has started to feel better.  She is such a trouper for continuing to work and give it her all in the teaching.  She also gave her first successful bap date to an investigator.  So this investigator came as a referral from the bishop's wife.  She was at the grocery store this week and this lady approached her.  She said that she was a member that was baptized about 10 years ago, but that she had gone inactive and wanted the missionaries to go and teach her and her husband who is not yet a member.  So, we went to teach them and they are a wonderful family.  They have 3 kids, 2 of them being twins and they are the cutest.  He is really interested in the gospel, wants to get sealed as a family in the temple, and they even came to church right away yesterday :)  Another miracle :)

We also had our two baptism interviews for Des and Kim, and they will be getting baptized this upcoming Saturday! I am so excited for them, and they are so so excited! Sister Des came out of the interview and just hugged me, she was so so nervous, but she said that it went really well.  I said "umiyak ka ba? " which means did you cry and she said "Malapit na" which means that she was close to it and then she just hugged me again!  I love Sister Des so much, and I am so grateful that she has converted herself unto the Lord :) A member also showed us that Kim has been posting all of these mormon messages and sharing his testimony of Facebook so that all of his family and friends can see.  I was amazed!  These are two wonderful people who are soon to be members of this wonderful church :)

So lastly about the apartment,  Sister Revillo really wants us out so she called the Landlord, and we have to be out by the end of we better find an apartment or else we will be homeless...hahaha But we found 2 apartments this week that are really nice and we will be showing pictures to Sister Revillo this week at trainer/trainee meeting!  Pray that everything will work out for us!  By the time we actually move, there is a possibility that I could already be transferred haha but at least the new missionaries won't have to experience all that we have experienced there!

Well, that is about it, Hopefully I have more to say to next week and pictures to also send!  I didn't take any pictures this week..whoops!  Anyways, love you all! And thank you for everything :)
-Sister Latham

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