Saturday, October 24, 2015

Not conversion to the church, but to Jesus Christ

Hello again!  We just got back from a wonderful zone activity! We went bowling and it was a blast, I attached a few pictures :)

As for this week, It's been a good week despite a lot of challenges coming my way.  I was able to push through them and search for the good that is happening around me.  How could I not be happy when I am in the service of God right?  Its a joyous cause to be a part of :) Having the opportunity to hear from the apostles, prophets, and leaders this weekend was absolutely wonderful as well.  I received so many answers to prayers, guidance, and faith that I needed.  I love President Monsons talk about Christlike attributes.  I remember that my farewell talk was about Christlike attributes.  I listed when I gave my talk a few of the attributes the I really wanted to develop in my mission.  I am still striving daily to gain those Christlike now and make them a part of who I am :)  I know that developing Christlike attributes is a lifelong journey and takes patience, faith, diligence (those being Christlike attributes haha).  While I've been here, I've also noticed Christlike attributes that I thought I did pretty well on, but realized they are really my weaknesses.  Throughout the experiences that I've had though on my mission, I have seen my "weaknesses turn into strengths" just as it says in the scriptures, Ether 12:27.

To give you an update on the work, our investigator Reylanie will be getting baptized this Saturday!  We have been teaching her ever since I got transferred here to Quezon City.  She would already read and pray, but would not come to church because she is a strong Catholic and would go with her mom to church.  As we continued to read the Book of Mormon with her, she started to gain a testimony about Jesus Christ and His true church.  She began attending church, but would not get baptized because her mom was against it.   She is 18, so she has the choice, but she still questioned her decision.  We still continued to visit her, share messages, and read the Book of Mormon with her. In the past few weeks, I have seen so much progression in her conversion.  She started to get excited about her baptism, and she had gained faith to follow what the Holy Ghost was telling her was right, and that was to follow the example of Jesus Christ by being baptized by someone holding the proper authority.  I am so excited for her because she is taking this wonderful step in her life to accept Jesus Christ's gospel.  As D Todd Christofferson said "We do not strive for conversion to the church, but to Jesus Christ."

Next week I will also not be emailing till Tuesday because it is transfer week :)  I have no idea what is going to happen!  I'm excited to let you all know next week! Sure love you all and I send you my prayers and love.

-Sister Latham

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