Wednesday, May 11, 2016


To all of those women that have played a part in my life, in my growing up, and in all aspects of my life I say THANK YOU!  I wish I had time to list of you, but please know that I love you and I am so grateful for you!  And of course the biggest "thank you" i owe is to my mom, I LOVE YOU!    It was so great being able to see all your faces this morning, talk to you, and just enjoy the good ole times :)  I have been blessed with the best family and especially the best parents.  There is nothing I could really do to repay you for everything, but I remember what President Revillo said this past week at interviews, that the best way you can show your love to them is by being here, serving the Lord, and representing your family the best way you can :)  Thank you for your endless support and love for me while I have been here.  I LOVE YOU!

This week was a wonderful, we had our zone interviews and workshops.  I had my last interview with President Revillo before my exit interview.  President just thanked me for my service and expressed how grateful and proud he is of me.  He has really seen the change, he remembered my interview with him in my 3rd transfer where I was really struggling, and then he sees me about to go home and he can't believe it! I can't believe it either.  He told me that was time was almost up, but to keep working hard and then when I get home the Lord will bless me and then I will start a new phase of life :)  I am excited but there is still so much I have to do here in these last 2 months of my mission! 

In these next two months we have planned for 3 families to be baptized :)  They are all coming to church and really progressing!  I pray and pray that I do not get transferred in a few weeks because I want to take this journey with them.  Whatever the Lord has planned for me though, I will go and do.  I have learned that His plan is 1000x better than my own plan or what I want :)  

We also had Missionary Leadership Council this week and I can really tell that they are preparing for President and Sister Revillo to leave and for the new mission president to come in.  We had a really good and deep discussion about the culture of the mission.  There is more that we need to do to help the culture of the mission and help these missionaries fulfill their duty to the best that they can :)  Its been a great experience being a part of the Missionary Leadership Council.  

I also received  some sad  news this week that my sweet sweet recent convert in my first area passed away because of sickness.  He had planned to go to the temple next month, but the Lord needed him sooner I guess.   He name is Tatay Cornelio Clemente.  I will attach some pictures.  I will always remember Tatay Cornelio, he would always call us his children, he was the happiest man, and he LOVED the gospel.  He always participated in the classes and loved learning and learning.  I remember going on a temple trip with him and he was so so excited!  Although he himself was not able to temple and continue on his journey here on earth, I am grateful and I know that he is grateful that in his last year he joined the church and became a member of this true church.  I know that when we see each other again it will be a happy reunion and he will be grateful that he chose to become a member :)  I love him.

SO, I love you all so much, don't forget to live each day to the fullest, having no regrets and doing your best each and everyday.  There is more work to do, so I just want to end with I LOVE YOU ALL, and now I go back to work :)  

Love, Sister Latham

Rest in peace Tatay Cornelio :)

Here is also a picture from MLC :)

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