Wednesday, May 11, 2016

"In the gospel, we get credit for trying"

Hello Family!  I don't really know where to start because I have so much to say, but I know I don't have the time to tell you everything!  But we will start with my favorite part of the whole week and that was general conference!
I feel spiritually uplifted, I felt like every message that was shared was for me.  Everything was perfect and I left with my testimony of Jesus Christ more strengthened.  I feel refreshed and ready to keep pressing forward in this wonderful work!  I will share my favorite talks from every session :)
In the Saturday session I was very touched by the talk given by Gary E Stevenson about the Priesthood keys.  I testify with my whole heart that the Priesthood keys are in this church, that they allow saving ordinances to be performed and that we all benefit greatly because of this power that has been restored to the earth through a prophet called of God.  I have been blessed because of the Priesthood.  And I'm grateful for the knowledge that this Priesthood will never again be taken off of the earth.  He also talked about the temple.  What a blessing that there are now 150 temples.  It is a testimony to us all that the church is growing, that Zion is being gathered, and the Lord is preparing the way for all His children to enter into His kingdom. We are preparing ourselves everyday to be worthy to enter into the House of the Lord :)

In the Saturday afternoon session I loved the talk by M. Russell Ballard about family council.  With Satan's attack on families, family councils will provide a way to overcome the attack on families, to gain a stronger foundation, and to unite families.  I'm grateful for mom and dad who did this with us kids. I know that because of parents who follow the council given by the living prophets and apostles, help their children come closer unto God and help them gain a testimony that will allow them to overcome the everyday temptations.  This is something I will continue in my own future family and I know that blessings will come because of it :)
In the Sunday Morning Session I really enjoyed the talk given by our living prophet, Thomas S. Monson. What a short and powerful message he gave.  The choices that we make today, determine our destiny :)  My favorite thing he said was "choose the harder right rather than the easier wrong."  He was inspired to say that because I know that sometimes it is hard to choose the right and easier to take the easier route which might be wrong.  As I ponder about my decision to serve a mission about a 2 years ago, I am reminded how hard a decision that was.  I knew that it would be hard, that it would be one of the most difficult 1 1/2 years of my life, but it was by far the best and right decision that I have made in my life :) 
I also loved the talk given by D. Todd Christofferson about fathers :)  I know that last conference Jeffrey R. Holland talked about mothers, and now there is another great talk about fathers.  As I pondered what he said about "Fatherhood requires sacrifice, but is full of joy and satisfaction"  I thought to myself " I know that I was a pain for Dad, that I had attitude and didn't show all my respect and love to him.  Dad really sacrifices a lot for our family.  But I know that when he has all of us together and we reflect on everything that we have been through, it has been a time of joy and satisfaction"  Hopefully I got that right dad :)  We love you so much dad, and on the rank from good, better, or best, you are definitely the BEST father :)    

Lastly in the Sunday Afternoon session my  favorite quote was given by Jeffrey R. Holland who said "the 1st greatest truth in all eternity is that God loves us with all His heart.  The 1st greatest commandment in all eternity is to LOVE God"  Let us love Him by showing Him.  Let us show how grateful we are through our actions that we do everyday.  He is cheering us on, the heavens are cheering us on!  Let us push forward with faith everyday and was said in conference "In the gospel, we get credit for trying"  :)
What a great conference and I look forward to next conference where I can either attend in the conference center or watch it with family :)
This past week we also had service as a zone and we swept the road and picked up trash!  We also had Missionary Leadership Council and for our activity we went to a "Home for the Old"  and we sang songs and did a small Family Home Evening with them! It was wonderful :)

This upcoming week we also have our last Sisters Conference so I look forward to that!  Next week is also transfer week, so I will email on Tuesday :)  Its crazy that I am heading into my last 12 weeks...I can't believe it!! 
Thank you for all your love and prayers, I love you all so much and hope you have a wonderful week ahead!
xoxo Sister Latham

Zone service!! I took what I learned from back home working in the yard and put it to use here :) I look forward to cleaning the yard when I get home dad :)  I'm sure you never thought you would hear that!

We love the sisters from Pakistan, they are great at threading eyebrows!  It hurt quite a bit!
Have a great week! Love you

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