Tuesday, May 24, 2016

They are getting baptized!!

First off, I want to thank you all for your wonderful encouragement that you gave me last Monday because it has pushed me even more this past week!  I've kept myself really really busy so the time has just flown by.  We have seen many miracles this past week and I am excited to share them :)
This past Saturday, the Jorge family had their baptism interview and they all passed and are so excited to be baptized this upcoming Saturday :)  They are 5, the mom and dad and their 3 daughters will all be baptized!  I am so so excited!  Bringing families into the gospel brings the most joy to be!
Albert, Lani and their family is also progressing so much!  Brother Albert's faith has helped him to completely overcome the word of wisdom and they are now reading and praying as a family every single night.  Tonight we will also have FHE with them and Albert's brother and his family who are very strong members of the church.

Also, I was surprised yesterday at church!!!  about 10 minutes before church started, one of the others sisters came to me and said "Sister Latham, you have visitors"  when I looked to the door, I saw 2 of the ward missionaries from TayTay, Lester and Lady!  I went up to them and I could not stop smiling!  Lady gave me a big hug and said "Sister Latham, Bishop and Sister Dasalla are out in their car, they came to see you!"  Oh my goodness, I grabbed my camera so fast and when I saw their car, Sister Dasalla got out of the car and we like ran to each other!!  I could not believe that they came from TayTay to visit me!  I miss them so much!  They dropped off Lester and Lady who attended church here in Antipolo, but they said that one Sunday they plan to come to church as a family in Antipolo!  I LOVE THEM!  To be honest, when they left I was a little home sick haha I am so excited to go back to TayTay in a few weeks and visit them all!

To be completely honest, everyone here is so excited to meet you all next year, as in so excited!!  I just love all these people so so much.  I choose to not think much about leaving here or else I would probably break down in tears.  The Philippines has become my 2nd home :) 
I love you all so much, until next week :)
Love, Sister Latham

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