Tuesday, May 24, 2016

My heart is so full!

I've been waiting days to email you! It has been such a wonderful week :)  I will first start off with the best news..the Jorge family was BAPTIZED :) 
It was such a wonderful baptism, I've never seen them so happier, all dressed in white as a family, and so excited to enter the waters of baptism! 
The support of the ward was also amazing, so many people attended, the whole baptismal font room was filled, we had their visiting and home teacher there who gave the talks, and the ward was just so excited about a whole family being baptized!  Hearing their testimony after their baptism was also just the best, especially the parents.  The gospel has changed their lives, individually, as parents, and as a whole family.  They have found their way onto the right path, they have been cleansed from their sin and they are just so happy!  It was the best!!
We also were able to have a Family Home Evening with our other family that plans to be baptized this June or July 9th and it was so much fun!  They absolutely loved it!  I attached a few pictures of the family as well.  They are so excited about the gospel and they have also seen how the gospel has brought them closer as a family.  The kids don't remember the last time they went to church as a family and now they all come together to  church, they are reading and praying every night as a family, and are happier than they have ever been :)

Last Monday after I emailed you, we had our zone activity and we went to the falls near our area.  It is so so pretty, and it was nice to just have fun, eat lunch, and get to know the missionaries better!  Hopefully we can go there when we all come back :)  
Another fun and crazy thing happened this week! I was able to go on exchanges with one of my past companions Sister Tropia, I was her first companion and trainer and we just had the best time being back together! It is now rainy season and that day we went out and worked in the afternoon and as soon as we started working it starting pouring!!! I was drenched from head to toe (I was using an umbrella)!  I don't know how it happened, but the wind was strong and the rain was heavy and it was crazy!  Their whole area was flooded, some areas were only to the knee, but other areas were flooded to the neck!  So crazy!! As we waited for the storm to pass, we just went into Mcdonalds and had some ice cream and french fries.  It was quite embarassing because we were the only ones soaking wet (i don't know why haha), and there was water dripping from us.  The workers were like mopping around us hahaha 

I always love working with the sisters and it was so much fun being able to work with one of my past companions and see the growth that she has made :)  The mission is so powerful and really has helped strengthen me, and I know that is because I have allowed the Lord to lead me and guide me.  I have followed His will, and not my will and I know because of that, I am so so happy even when the work is hard!  
Here is my trunky news...I got my flight itinerary!  The time is going to fly by, but I still have so much to do, there is no time to waste! 
Next week is transfers and I am praying that Heavenly Father will allow me to stay here one more transfer, I love these people and I want to see these families and those that I am teaching be baptized :)  I will email you next week on Tuesday to let you know the news!  Thank you for all your prayers, support, and words of encouragement! I love you all!
Love, Sister Latham

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