Thursday, January 14, 2016


Hello everyone!  

Let me first start off by saying that I don't think anybody else in the world celebrated Christmas like the people do here in the Philippines!! Every night we have little kids caroling at our front door, there is Christmas music everywhere! It is so so fun and exciting, I love it!  

Last week we had our Christmas Conference with a few zones in the mission, it was so much fun!  We sang songs, played games, performed some skits, ate a whole pic(there is a picture below of me with the pigs head)  and I even had to spell my last name with my butt in front of everyone for losing the game! hahaha  The best part though was reading the story of Christ's birth with singing hymns in between.  It reminded me of every Christmas when we gather as a family and Dad reads Christ's birth from the Bible.  He is the Reason for the Season :)  Each zone also performed a skit that was about someone's conversion to the gospel, some of them were amazing testimony builders to me.  We each have our own unique conversion story, and it is still ongoing.  There is no time to stop converting ourselves, it is an ongoing process and I'm grateful for every experience I have had here in the mission that has helped me in my conversion.  Seeing that the people here in the Philippines really know the reason for celebrating Christmas makes it even better, their joy this Christmas comes from their knowledge of the real reason why we celebrate Christmas :)

An amazing thing happened as well, while we were at the Christmas Conference, we received a text from our ward mission leader that the Bobiar family was at the ward christmas party!  My companion and I were so so so excited!  They were having a blast, and the family felt the love from the ward so much!  We were able to make it to the end of the ward Christmas party and see them there.  The father came and told us that he is so glad that he came and he is so excited to come to church.  I included a picture of this family as well.  They are progressing and we are hoping that they will begin to come to church and will prepare themselves for baptism.  They are wonderful :)  

We just got back from the temple as well, it was wonderful!  I wish I could go to the temple every week like I did before I came out here.  It is so wonderful. 

I can't forget as well that in 3 DAYS I GET TO TALK TO YOU!!! I'm so so so excited!!  I've been waiting forever and the time is here!! I wish you all a MERRY CHRISTMAS and hope that everyone enjoyes the holidays with their loved ones and we continue to remember the true meaning of Christmas and celebrate His birth this week! I love you all so much, I look forward to talking to you in just a few days!!
Love, Sister Latham

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