Thursday, January 28, 2016


Hello everyone!! OH MY GOODNESS....I've never been so exhausted in my life.  Seriously, it is non-stop!  In the past I had monday to rest and take some sleep, but now I go straight from emailing to the office and work there in the afternoon.  And then when we get back in the evenings from work, there is still more work to do in preparing for all the things that we need to prepare for.  BUT, despite how busy we are, I AM SO HAPPY :) 
This week I had the opportunity to go on exchanges with the sisters!  We worked with two companionships of missionaries.  One of them was with my anak, Sister Tropia!  I had the best time working with them and I learned so much from them.  I was also able to work in my past area and visit some recent converts and members :)  I was able to visit Marechel, one of my recent converts!  She is the one who we had to teach by acting because she can't hear or speak.  When she saw me she was so shocked!! She just came and hugged me!! The other member at her house came around the corner and when she saw me, she hugged me and cried! I miss them all so so much!  We were also able to visit Sister Des!  It was a real quick visit just outside.  She is struggling quite a bit, but we shared a message with her and left her with a prayer.  She emailed me today and things are getting better :) 
 I loved being able to work the sisters, learn from them, get to know them better, and see them work with their investigators and those they are teaching :)  We have wonderful sisters in this mission and they are such a joy to be around.  They are hardworking and have a strong desire to share the gospel :)  
On Saturday, we also had a baptism in our area, Sarah Jane!  She is a member referral. I was not able to teach her all the lessons, but I was able to teach her a few times and it was such a joy! She is so involved in church now, going to activies, and attending FHE.  I will attach a picture from her baptism as well! 
This upcoming week will be another busy week, but I look forward to it!   I love you all so much, thank you for all your love and support!!  

Love, Sister Latham

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