Thursday, January 14, 2016

The World is so small!

Hello Family!

Well, first off NEXT WEEK I GET TO SKYPE YOU!!  If you could not tell I am so so so excited and am counting down the days! Its been so long, my goodness.  I thought this day would never come haha  So next week on wednesday is my p-day so I will email you then and figure out all the last minute skype plans :)

So, my title of my email this week.  I have met so many people here that know people I know, or who know me personally.This past week, I met Dayna James' cousin, he is so so funny.  We are in the same zone.  When he asked where I am from I told him California, and he asked "Roseville?" I said how do you know that and he said my cousin Dayna lives there!!  It was so great to talk to him and I just kept telling him I miss Dayna so much and can't wait to see her!  Next, I met a sister in my mission who asked again where I was from and I told her Roseville.  She asked if I knew where Loomis was and I was like "how do you know that?!"  It ends up that her best friend is dating Taylor Reiff and she went to school with both of them!   Then last week I had a wonderful experience.  I was at the stake conference and there were all the american couple missionaries that I think work at the temple.  I went and said hello to them and asked where they were from.  A couple said that they were from Idaho and I asked if they were near Rexburg.  They said really close.  It ends up that he knew grandpa miller.  His name is Gage Norem, he said that he was an english professor at BYU-Idaho.  I told him that I was his granddaughter.  My eyes filled a little with tears because he told me that he knew Grandpa was so so proud of me.  I could see grandpa's sense of humor in him and my day was brightened because of him.  I also received Grandma Miller's letter and she talked about Grandpa and how they both are so grateful for their family.  Being this far away from home and not having the normal communication with family has been really hard, but simple blessings that Heavenly Father has given me here in the mission has helped me so much.  I see His hand in my life everyday.  

This week, we also had 3 of our investigators attend church, kira and joel being two of them :)  Our lessons with them have been very spiritual and I pray that they will continue to push forward and exercise their faith.  

THis upcoming week and next week is going to be pretty crazy!  Tomorrow we have trainer/trainee meeting, Christmas conference on friday, then next Wednesday is temple day and then I will skype you in just a few more days after that!!! I sure love you all so much, happy holidays and Merry Christmas to you all, I pray that your lives, homes, and families may be filled with the Spirit of Christmas and that we all may remember that He, Jesus Christ, is the Reason for the Season :) 

Love, Sister Latham

p.s sorry, no pics this week because the computer is not reading my card. Next week :) Love you!

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